The Traveler Awakens

I am entering the blogosphere.  I don’t quite know why I have resisted this for so long.  For whatever reason I have had an urge to write for some time now.  I am humbled by those who take the time to read.  Thank you.

My Intention

So you may be asking, “Journey Proud”, what is that?  My Mama used to use that phrase whenever any of us were going on a trip.  It describes that feeling of excitement one has prior to travel.  She enjoyed teasing me about being excited about going somewhere.  I can still hear her saying “Well, are you journey proud?”  I am sure you may have heard this term if you are from the South.

Excuse the cliche, but life is a journey.  We are definitely all on our own journey.  It’s been a long time, for me, since I was excited about this journey of life.  Watching your Mama fight the fight of her life and losing her does things to you that you don’t quite expect or can explain, even to yourself, for some time.  I feel like I am emerging from a dense fog from the likes of which I would rather never return.  Transformation can be beautiful though, as is clarity.  We might not know clarity were it not for the fogginess of confusion, the sadness in despair, or the hurt in pain.

My intention, I am supposed to be explaining my intention.  My intention with Journey Proud is to honor this gift of life we have all been given. Honor the life of my wonderful Mama by living what remains of my own life with purpose, clarity, and meaning.  Living the life, that she so graciously and selflessly gave to me, with passion. Journeying to the best of my ability and being journey proud with every step, every waking moment, every smile and every tear.  For her, it’s the least I could do.

So, I’m not really sure where this will take me or how it will evolve.  It will be fun and interesting to see.  Again, I am humbled by those who take the time to read.  Thank you.

May your journey be filled with love and light.


Originally posted 11 September 2011.