And so it begins…

Yesterday was the solstice.  My husband and I celebrated by reflecting on the past year and setting intention for the new year.  We made amulets and put our 2014 reflections on paper and put them in the fire.  Our 2015 intentions are on paper too.  They will sit on our altar until the solstice next year.  It was really nice to have that ritual.  I see it as a new tradition for sure.

I deactivated all my social media accounts yesterday.  It’s interesting the attachment and trepidation I was experiencing about that decision.  I almost wavered and then I decided to stick with the plan.  I told myself for a while that was what I wanted to do and I wanted to do it on the solstice and now I am glad I stuck with it.  It’s freeing.  Though, I’ve already caught myself once today reaching for my phone to check Facebook only to realize that I had gone through with my decision.  I just smiled and laughed at myself.  The mind is an interesting thing.

The decision to deactivate and sign off was based on my desire to really deepen into the close of my year and deepen into the start of a new one.  I suspect my awareness and presence will heighten, or at least that is what I am hoping for.  We’ll see.

I’ll begin a 90 day urban retreat at home on the full moon of January the 4th as part of my thesis work.  I will not be going to Bhutan.  As I was in the midst of trying to work that out, we found out my mother in law has cancer, so it is clearly not the time to go to the Himalayas.  What I have planned will be wonderful, all things and much needed.  I am pretty sure that the universe conspired to create what I needed most, so I plan to just lean into it.  I am looking forward to meditating and doing yoga everyday, cooking, growing some of our food, making art and writing.

I’ve spent the last month gathering what I feel like I need and in some cases just want to have.  The preparation process has been busy so I am looking forward to the stillness that is coming.  Beyond the 90 days, I plan to continue the year with transitioning away from plastic, buying only necessities, swearing off big box stores and shopping pretty much, and when I do buy something I plan on buying used.  I think we are in for some adventure living.  I suppose I am not really doing anything extraordinary by doing any of this, people have been living simply since the beginning of time, however it’s new to me.  These shifts are definitely happening because of the transformative work I have been doing the past five years and I couldn’t be more excited to see what the year holds for us.

Awakening is my word for 2015 and I am doing my best to create the environment for that to happen.

May you have a wonderful close to your year and a wonderful holiday season.

Bowing in gratitude and sending love and light your way….

Originally posted: 22 December 2014